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Star 360 Video

Star 360 Video Booth

Our Star 360 Booth lets the fun start with you! It allows you and your guests to dance and have fun while making a memorable video that is taken right on the spot. Step into the spotlight on the Star 360 Booth platform and give it you’re all as you are the STAR with this booth, all you must do is wait for it to start spinning and you and your guests can shine like the star you are! ​

Star 360 photo booth rental will capture all your Stars at your special event, all while taking in a lot of your event surroundings and quests. The Star 360 is perfect for any event! It goes great at any type of venue from Weddings, Birthday Parties, and best at Corporate venues. Star 360 comes with fun decorations/props and fun lighting that will really show off the shining Star that you and your quests are!

How Does It Work?

We use a 40” platform for your guests to stand on. A camera will then spin around your guests capturing video at 120 frames per second. While the camera spins, your guests will show off their best moves. The video will then be processed in slow motion and put to amazing music along with your custom template to advertise your event of corporate brand. All that’s left is for the video to be shared all over social media!

want the star 360?

If you think your special event is perfect for the Star 360 photo booth, but you’re not sure how the set up works or if it will even fit in your venue, feel free to contact us today! We’ll be more than happy to go over any details or concerns that you may have.

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