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Corporate Events

Face it events is proud to serve several large and smaller corporations in and around the Texas area. Face it events prides itself on the reputation of reviews that we have obtain from such corporations. Face it events pays meticulous attention to every detail of your special event, and they bring impeccable customer service to you and your corporate event. With face it events we treat you as you would treat any of your trusted clients and that is with the upmost respect and attention to detail that every client deserves.

Face it events specializes in themed events that cater to your company while performing for your diverse audience. No matter the needs of your event, face it events can provide specialized detailed attention to your corporate event to make sure that it is a wonderful atmosphere for both you, your company and anyone else that may be attending. Face it events loves making any special occasion completely extraordinary.

We ensure a productive event, putting on all the best photo booths and technology to you and your guests as well as adjusting the event according to your wants and needs. We guarantee to continuously be punctual to every event, and to safely set up our gear wherever is best fit for both you, the event location, and your guests. No matter the size of your company, Face it events has you covered! Let face it events provide the best in photo booths and fun to your next event, because let’s face it you deserve the BEST!

Rather if your company is just looking to have a fun company party or just to increase traffic at your retail store by hiring a photo booth with face it events, we can help make your party a success. There’s a certain type of company you want to hire for your corporate event and it’s one that can set a great example and tone for you and your company. You want to make sure this photo booth company is professional, has the right equipment and offers the right material to promote your company and event all while keeping your guests smiling and having fun.

With face it events we can maintain a comfortable environment for all ages. We have provided services to some of the biggest companies in the Texas area and at some of the biggest venues. No event is too big or too small. We have the equipment tools experience ideas creativity professionalism promptness desire drive and determination it takes to deliver successful results. Let us help plan the event. Face it events we takes ownership of any initiatives that you are highlighting, and we bring them to life with an array of multimedia, custom templates with your company logs and information and offer video and photo montages, and want to add more to spice up your company event you can even add some of or other.

We provide analytics to our clients who request this. This will include email and phone numbers that the booth has generated. We also have the ability to completely brand all of our products. Our services are perfect for the following event types:

  • Product Launches
  • Brand Exposure
  • Trade Shows
  • Appreciation Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Conferences
  • Team Building Events
  • Charity Events

Let us assist you in making your next corporate event a successful and rewarding experience.

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